3 Reasons to Update Your Pool Deck

27 May 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have an outdoor in-ground pool, you might be wondering what you should do in terms of improving the surrounding space. While many people opt for simple grass, leaving grass around your pool could cause problems with the cleanliness of your water since grass clippings and pests can infiltrate your space. Here are three reasons to update your pool deck. 

1. Improve Safety

Whether you have grass, tile, or old wood, updating your pool deck could help you to make the ground more level and safe. Brand-new decking is available in manmade materials such as TREX, making it easier to install completely flat, smooth surfaces around your deck. 

Updating your decking can also help to prevent splinters and trip and fall hazards since wood can warp and create raised areas prone to problems. When you replace your decking, think about which functional goals you have, and how you want the space to feel underfoot when you are finished. 

2. Boost Your Backyard Oasis

You've always wanted to have a spa-like outdoor space, so why not start with the pool deck? Upgrading your pool deck is the perfect chance to completely upgrade the space. By replacing your pool deck, you can make the space look and feel high-end, which could also boost your home's value. 

When you replace decking, think about switching out dead or dying plants and replacing them with palm trees or other tropical plants. Try to create a space reminiscent of the cool environment you experience at hotels. Additionally, think about personalizing the decking to make it feel like home. 

3. Add Additional Features

Sometimes adding additional pool features like water slides and diving boards is difficult, since it can be tricky to remove pool decking. When your decking is already pulled up, it is the perfect time to add other features to your pool areas, such as poolside basketball hoops, diving boards, and slides. Think about what your family members always want to play when they are swimming, and add those additional features while you have decking ripped out. 

If you want to do more extensive renovations to your pool, such as adding a swim-up bar or a children's area, talk with your decking contractor about how the construction schedule should unfold. 

When you start making changes to your pool, never settle for anything less than working with a professional with years of experience. The right pool professional can give you great advice about how to move forward with your project, and inspire you with ideas from past projects they have completed. Contact companies like Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc. to learn more about pool deck services.