Building a New Home? Choosing Between Trusses and Rafters for Your Roof

3 August 2021
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If you are building a new home, there are many decisions that have to be made. One decision is the roof. When it comes to a roof, you must use trusses or rafters. Below is information about each of these so you can decide what would work best for your home.


A roof truss is made of prefabricated wood and is made in a factory. The truss is triangular and is what provides the support the roof needs. The truss has sloping beams that are placed across the entire length of the home. Ties are also installed and are what connect the truss to the roof. The beams are essential as they help support the weight of the roof on the truss. 

There are many benefits of choosing a truss for your roof. One of these benefits is that it is made in a factory, so it is made to the exact specifications of your roof. A computer is often used to help measure the truss. 

A truss can be installed quickly as the trusses are smaller and can be lifted easily by two to three people.  You can save money if you choose a roof truss. This is because it can be installed faster, which results in fewer labor costs for you to pay. Fewer materials are also used when installing a truss roof


You will most commonly find rafters installed in older homes. Still, some homeowners may request rafters for many reasons. Rafters are like the framing for a roof and include using wood planks. The planks go vertically across the roof and then ceiling joints are installed horizontally to add more structure and strength to the rafters. The planks are long, and they are heavy so they cannot be picked up and placed on the roof. Instead, special equipment is used to lift the rafters onto the roof. 

There are many benefits of choosing roof rafters for your roof. First, you can have more space in your attic if you choose rafters. This is beneficial if you plan to convert your attic to a bedroom or another functioning room in the future. Because there is more open space in the attic if you use rafters, it is much easier to install insulation.   This is beneficial as insulation helps keep your energy bills down and aids in keeping your home at the right temperature.

Contact a roofing contractor and they can give you much more information about roof trusses and rafters.