Various Ways Scrap Metal Recycling Helps Your Business Go Green

4 August 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If your business generates substantial amounts of scrap metal from its production activities, you might not give much thought to what happens to the scrap metal after it leaves your property. Yet, scrap metal has economic value, which is why it's used to make recycled products. 

Metal recycling companies don't just recycle metal for profit; their work also brings many green advantages. Going green by recycling scrap metal is important for a variety of reasons, as explained below.

Keeps Scrap Metal Away From Landfills

If metal recycling companies didn't exist, you'd have to send all of your bulk scrap metal to a local landfill along with the rest of your non-recyclable and non-toxic waste items. By recycling scrap metal, metal recyclers reduce the volume of waste that ends up in local landfill sites. This helps keep huge amounts of trash from piling up at these waste disposal facilities and creating an eyesore.

Leads To Lower Carbon Footprint

Scrap metal recycling produces fewer carbon emissions compared to the primary production of metal. Producing metal from virgin mineral ore is a much more capital-intensive process that requires using heavy mining equipment and haulage trucks. It also requires large-scale factory processes to convert the mineral ore into raw metal material. 

Fortunately, recycling scrap metal only produces a fraction of the carbon emissions produced during the primary production of metal. This makes it a safer choice for the environment.

Saves Energy And Water

Manufacturing new metal requires substantial amounts of energy and water resources. This contributes to the fast depletion of these natural resources. Scrap metal recycling, on the other hand, keeps resource usage at a minimum as it doesn't require as much energy and water to turn these materials into recycled metal.

By ensuring efficient usage of natural resources, metal recyclers help to avoid resource depletion.

Curbs Air Pollution

A significant percentage of chemicals and other harmful pollutants are released into the air during the production of virgin metal. Reducing air pollution levels resulting from primary metal production is essential for ensuring good air quality.

Scrap metal recycling doesn't cause as much air pollution as virgin production of metal. As a result, it helps keep the air as clean as possible.

While scrap metal recycling alone may not be adequate for meeting the national and global demand for raw metal material, it does reduce the need for virgin metal production. This results in the aforementioned environmental benefits and many more. To learn more, check out this site or similar sites.