Septic Tank Drainfield Repairs For A Clogged Drain Line

9 August 2021
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The drainfield is an important and often overlooked part of your septic system. If wastewater isn't draining through the field properly, then your septic tank might back up and cause a toxic plumbing disaster. If one of the pipes in the field is clogged, the contractor might recommend using a hydro jet to open up the pipe. Here's a look at what causes pipes to clog in the drainfield and how a contractor might approach septic tank drainfield repair.

A Drainfield Pipe Can Clog Due To Tree Roots

Tree roots are a common cause of problems with a septic system. Roots can enter drains, the septic tank, and drainfield pipes. Roots are drawn to nutrients and water in the septic system, and once they find the drainfield pipes, they keep growing until they cause a clog.

A Pipe In The Drainfield Can Collapse Due To Vehicles

A reason a drainfield pipe may collapse is that someone drives over it with a truck, tractor, or car. Although you may not service the drainfield very often, it's important to remember its location, or mark off the area, so no one drives over it. The weight of a vehicle can crush a pipe and cause it to clog off. Plus, the weight can also compact the soil and lead to other problems.

A Hydro Jet Can Clear Out Roots And Clogs

A hydro jet consists of a hose with a nozzle on the end that shoots out a powerful stream of water. This stream can cut through tree roots and push through clogs to clean out a clogged drainfield pipe. This might be a slow process if the pipe is full of sewage and soil.

The contractor can tell by the way the water moves if the clog is being cleared or if they're dealing with a stubborn clog that won't budge. If the clog is clearing out, the water from the hydro jet will drain through the soil rather quickly. If the drain line has a more serious problem, the water won't be absorbed. Instead, it might back up in the septic tank and bring sewage and soil along with it.

A Drain Line May Need To Be Replaced

If a hydro jet can't clear the clog or if a drain line is crushed and blocked off, the contractor may need to dig a trench and pull the old pipe out. A new drainfield drain can then be put in the trench and connected to the septic system.

Replacing or clearing the clogged drain line might solve the problem with the clog, but the contractor will probably check the condition of the soil, too. They'll want to ensure the soil isn't compacted or have other problems that keep it from allowing wastewater to drain through.

Contact a local septic tank drainfield repair service to learn more.