Important Factors To Assess When You Rent A Crash Truck

11 August 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


The presence of a crash truck plays a crucial role in making a work zone safer for those who are working in it while motorists pass by at potentially a high rate of speed. Crash trucks not only have a number of visibility features that can compel drivers to slow down and be more attentive as they pass through the area, but the attenuator device at the rear of the crash truck can also absorb the impact of any collision between a motorist and the truck and prevent the truck from being pushed toward where people are working. When you're renting one of these special vehicles, here are some important factors that you should assess.

Impact Protection Speed

When you look at different crash trucks and the attenuator devices that they have, you'll commonly see a metric known as impact protection speed. This is the speed at which a moving vehicle can drive into the attenuator and have the device fully absorb the impact. For example, you might see that some attenuators are rated with an impact protection speed of 40 miles per hour, while others are rated at 70 miles per hour. Consider the area in which the truck will be parked and the likely speed of motorists. On a highway, you'll want the attenuator that has the highest impact protection speed.

Attenuator Length

It's also important to check the length of the attenuators that are on different trucks. The length typically plays a role in the impact protection speed, but you need to consider how much physical room is available in your work zone. For example, if you're working in a tight area, you may need to choose a crash truck that has a short attenuator to ensure that you'll have the space to park it where you want to use it.

Flatbed Space

A lot of crash trucks have a flatbed style, which will allow you to carry safety products on the truck. While much of your focus when choosing a truck to rent will be on the attenuator device at the rear of the vehicle, it's also useful to evaluate how much flatbed space each truck has. It's common to use this space for pylons and other safety markers, and renting a truck that has more space in this area will make it easier for you to carry the safety products that you need for the job. Contact a crash truck rental company to learn more.