What to Know About Buying Fire Extinguishers

11 August 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Part of the reason fire extinguishers sell so well is that they're a valuable necessity for every building, whether it's for residential homes or for corporate businesses. Fire hazards and risks are always a possibility, so the best thing you can do is always have an extinguisher handy. Let the tips in this article get you started when you're thinking about purchasing a new fire extinguisher. 

Why should you consider the state of your fire extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers are valuable in the early stages of a fire because you can stop them before they become impossible to fight without emergency services. If you have an old and dingy fire extinguisher, you likely won't be able to deploy it when you need it the most. Fire extinguishers are completely mobile and will save people from smoke inhalation, injury, and death. Having these extinguishers will also assist you in protecting your property from getting engulfed by flames and requiring large sums of money to fix it, or worse, experience a total loss. 

What kind of fire extinguishers are available for your building?

The type of fire extinguisher that you need to buy will depend on your circumstances and the type of building that you have. A simple residential fire extinguisher is a Class A model, which can put out fires of typical combustible or flammable materials. Other extinguisher models are manufactured to put out grease fires, electrical fires, and others. Make sure that you purchase a reliable brand of extinguishers so that you can count on them to work when you need them. 

How can you handle the care and use of your fire extinguisher?

It's integral that you find the help of a company that can sell you whatever extinguishers will be best for you. They'll let you know the different sizes and types they keep in stock and can give you a quality price on one that you need. A home fire extinguisher can cost as much as $75, while industrial-strength models can often cost you between $300 and $800. 

Make sure that you install the extinguishers somewhere that they are always available and easy to access. Follow the law when it comes to their display and use, and keep your building up to code and in compliance. 

Use the tips above to get the help that you need when you're ready to purchase a fire extinguisher for your building.