Learn Some Good Information About Roofing Tiles

20 August 2021
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When you are picking a type of roof for your house, think about tiles. In some cases, tiles are chosen by homeowners mostly because of the way that they look. However, in most other cases, they are chosen not only because of the great look that they can add to the home but also because the homeowners also realize some of the many other advantages tile offers. Before you choose the roof for your home, read some of the questions often asked about tiles here, so you know you are making the most informed decision possible. 

Why do some prefer tiles over shingles?

Both shingles and tiles are extremely popular, so you may be wondering what it is specifically about tiles that cause some people to decide to go with them over shingles. Shingles lie flat on a roof, and while some people like this, others are hoping for a roof with a little more dimension to it, and this is just what tiles offer. Another reason why tile roofs are preferred by some over asphalt shingles is that they tend to last longer than shingles. This is the case with both clay and concrete tiles. 

What types of weather conditions are tile roofs good for?

Something else that has led to such popularity in tile roofs is the fact that they do so well in many types of weather. Tile roofs are commonly seen on homes in desert regions due to their ability to withstand such high temperatures so well. They are also good in areas that see extreme winds because they handle high winds better than many other types of roofs. They also handle extreme rain, snow, and even hail. Hail can be hard on a lot of roofs, but tiles won't see the extent of hail damage other roofs will see after a hail storm. 

Do roofing tiles come in other colors besides the reddish-orange color tiles generally seen?

In some areas, there are many homes with tile roofs that are reddish-orange in color, and this tends to be because this is the most common color for some styles of homes, such as homes with a Southwestern style. However, there are also a lot of other color options available, so you can choose one that will look fantastic on your home. Some examples of these colors include various shades of grays, blues, purples, reds, greens, and many others.

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