The Use Of Concrete Barriers During Ongoing Construction Projects

24 August 2021
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Concrete barriers are often reinforced with rebar and can be custom-painted so that they stand out. Barriers are often used in the construction industry to block off areas where a project is currently taking place and to protect construction crew members.

Plastic Barriers

Plastic barriers are occasionally used to block off areas. These barricades may be brightly colored and be several feet in length. Each plastic barricade will contain a ballast, such as water or sand. The ballast will stabilize a barrier but may not be as effective in keeping a barrier upright during a traffic accident. When a vehicle hits a plastic barricade at a high rate of speed, the barrier may tip over. 

Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers are bulky and heavy and will need to be transported by a truck or a flatbed. Concrete barriers may be positioned along highways or exit ramps that are currently undergoing construction so that they form a line along the area where the work is being conducted.

For independent construction sites or small projects that require excavating and building steps, a single concrete barrier or a set of barriers may be placed in front of the area that is considered off-limits. Often, construction workers need to complete their job duties while they are standing close to a roadway. Having a barrier in place that will prevent a vehicle from driving through may eliminate many unnecessary injuries.

Concrete barriers are relatively low in height. As a driver approaches a marked-off section, they will be able to spot the concrete pieces and avoid crossing over a restricted area. If a vehicle were to come into contact with a barrier, the vehicle may suffer some minor damages along the bottom of it. Damage along the area where a driver's line of vision is, however, will not be likely to occur. 

Sign Placement

In addition to purchasing a set of barriers that can be used during ongoing construction projects, it is also advisable to display signage. Any recent changes in the shape of a road or the manner in which a motorist can exit should be clearly identified.

Signage will alert motorists to the concrete pieces that they will soon be driving past. If plain-colored concrete barriers are being used to block off an area, it will be especially critical that bright-colored signage is displayed. Signage should be displayed along both ends of a construction project.

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