Learn All About Different Types Of Asphalt Maintenance

29 October 2021
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Asphalt offers so many features and advantages that make it a great choice for everything from residential driveways to highways. If you have asphalt on your property, then you want to be aware of some asphalt maintenance and services you want to stay on top of in order to keep yours in the best condition. Here is a brief guide on this topic: 

Asphalt cleaning on the surface

Asphalt will end up getting dirty, just as any outdoor material will. You want to stay on top of its cleaning in order to keep it looking good and to prevent damage. It's a good idea to leave the serious asphalt cleaning to the pros. They have a variety of products and equipment that can be used in order to combat different types of dirt and grime. 

Asphalt rejuvenation on and below the surface

As time goes on, the chemical properties in your asphalt will break down. This leaves it more susceptible to damage, and it affects the way it looks. In order to help keep the asphalt in great condition, you can have it rejuvenated. During this process, a surface rejuvenator is used to put the tar and oils back into the asphalt that has been lost due to oxidation. This will help keep the asphalt flexible to prevent different types of damage such as cracks, potholes, and crumbling edges. It also helps to give it back its nice dark and glossy appearance. This process is most commonly done on roads and very large asphalt lots. 

Asphalt repairs can be done for many issues

If there is damage to the asphalt that requires repairs, then you should have them done soon. The longer you allow potholes or other issues to remain, the more chances of injuries or other problems. The great news about asphalt repairs is they can give you back a fully functioning and smooth surface that will continue to last long after the repairs have been finished. 

Sealing and filling cracks in the asphalt

Asphalt can end up with cracks that can be easily taken care of in many instances. Very small cracks that are more cosmetic can be sealed. Larger cracks that are deeper can be filled. Filling the cracks will replace the space in the cracked areas with material to help prevent further damage. 

Asphalt sealcoating for the surface

Asphalt sealcoating is a preventative measure that should be taken to help keep the asphalt in great condition for as long as it is possible. Sealcoating involves applying a layer of protective coating put on the asphalt to offer future protection from things like the sun and moisture. It also makes the surface look fresh again.

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