4 Different Options For Your Commercial Roof

14 April 2022
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If you need to install a new commercial roof, you will want to think carefully about the material you use on your commercial roof. A wide range of commercial roofing materials may work for your building.

Green Roof

If you are looking to do something a little different, you may want to consider a green roof. With a green roof, you can cover your roof in vegetation, such as grass and other plant life. Green roofs can provide a high degree of natural insulation, which can help to bring down your energy costs. They are also great at absorbing stormwater and can help reduce the chance of roof leaks. They can help lessen the need to install a complex drainage system, saving you money on your roof installation. They can also help improve air quality and reduce heat. Green or vegetative roofing systems don't work for every roof or every region; consult with a professional roofing company to discover if this is an option for you. 

Roof Coating

Another option is a roof coating system. A layer of fluid is applied to your roof with a roof coating system. This fluid is called a membrane. The membrane can stretch out and go back to its original shape. There are different types of coating you can apply to your roof. The two most popular types of roof coating used for commercial roofs include silicone and acrylic. Roof coatings are often applied on top of an existing metal roof. They can help extend the life of a metal roof. Additionally, they can help keep your building cool, reducing energy costs. 

Liquid Roof

A liquid roof is a little different from a roof coating. A roof coating goes on top of an existing roof. A liquid roof is used to create the roof itself. A reinforced polyester is put in place first, and then a liquid with resin is applied on top of it. The liquid layer can be either sprayed or rolled on. Usually, at least two coats are applied to create a substantial roof structure, although more layers may be added in some cases. A liquid roof is easy to apply and can allow you to continue to operate your business while your new roof is installed. 

Built-Up System

One of the most classic types of roofing systems is a built-up roofing system for a commercial building. A built-up roofing system allows for multiple layers to be put into place. Built-up roofing systems are often referred to as BUR, and they use strong materials to create multiple layers to your roof that can withstand wide ranges of high and low temperatures and last for years.

Talk to a commercial roofing installer to figure out what type of material is the best situation for your roof. What you use your building for, the industry your structure supports, and where your building is located can all impact what material is best for your commercial roof. A professional commercial roofing installer will be able to help you through all of these things in order to figure out the best roof for your building. Contact a roofer for more information about commercial roof installation