Buying Custom Wood Cabinets For Your Kitchen Remodel

11 July 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Natural wood cabinets that are custom-made for your home can be a great addition to any kitchen remodel. While wood cabinets are a little more expensive than the typical commercial cabinets made from fiberboard and turned out in the hundreds in a factory, the quality and customization are often worth the extra cost.

Custom Cabinets

When working with a cabinet shop designing and building wood cabinets for you, take some time to review the cabinets' placement and functionality to ensure you are getting the cabinets you want. One of the most significant benefits of custom wood cabinets is that the builder can create each cabinet to fit your needs. 

The size and shape of each individual cabinet can be tailored to fit the space you have, and if there is something special you want in the kitchen that is unique, the cabinet builder can make it for you. Making each cabinet separately allows the designer working on your kitchen to take into account the layout and use the cabinets to make the most efficient kitchen possible by arranging the things you need where they make the most sense. 

A pantry for spices and cans near the stove or pots and pans that are close when you are cooking can make using the space easier, and sometimes having specific drawers and shelves to hold things like large pans or small appliances is the best way to achieve that. 

Material Choices

When you order wood cabinets, you can choose the wood type you want your cabinets to be made from. In most cases, high-quality wood cabinets are made with doors and drawer fronts in the wood you choose and a solid, durable material inside. 

Sometimes, that may be cabinet-grade plywood or some type of solid wood construction, but you can talk with the cabinet builder to determine what material is used and if you want to change it. The design on the front of the cabinets is also typically customizable, and most shops will have examples that you can look at to determine what you like. 

If you do not see a style you like or if there are several styles you think would be good combined, the cabinet maker may customize the fronts for you. The hardware you choose is also often optional with wood cabinets, so you can pick drawer pulls and door handles that look good with the finish and wood you selected from your cabinets.

Once the cabinets are built and ready, your contractor can pack up your wood cabinets and get them ready for you to use in your new kitchen.