How Do Professional Plumbers Clean The Drains? Find Out

5 August 2022
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With the plumbing system's heavy use, it is bound to get clogged at one point in time. Food chunks, hair, oils, and non-flushable items accumulate in pipes, impeding water passage. Whereas a blockage that stems from a drain may be remedied promptly, multiple clogged drains may cause many inconveniences in your chores. Thus, it is advisable to engage a certified plumber to inspect and fix the drainage in such a situation. Below are ways that professional plumbers clean the drainage system.

The Manual Drain Snakes

This tool drills into a clog when you physically push against it. It has a cork-screw-shaped hook on one end, which is directed to a clogged drain and rotates when you turn the drain snake's drum handle. These augers are effective for clearing minor blockages close to the drain opening. Thus, if you have a slow draining sink or toilet, your plumber can use the plumber's snake to force out the debris build-up.

The Powered Drain Snake

Plumbers employ this tool when a clog is out of a manual snake's reach. It is ideal for blockages further below the sewer line. These tools have a constant rotation and an added torque making them extend far down the sewer line. Due to their power, they can remove blockages that are too hard to dislodge manually and tree roots invading the sewer line. Although powered snakes can effectively clear stubborn clogs, they can easily destroy old and degrading pipes if not handled by an experienced plumbing contractor.

The High-Definition Drainage System Camera

Though the abovementioned techniques solve clogging problems, the plumber might fail to notice problems with the piping. For instance, they won't detect tiny cracks that could affect piping integrity over time. However, with the help of drain cameras, a plumber can inspect the pipe's interior structure to locate the blockage. Most importantly, sewer line cameras help determine the state of the pipes, enabling your plumber to rectify emerging issues in time. 

The Hydro-Jet Drain Cleaning Equipment 

This is a drain cleaning machine that uses highly pressurized water to clear blocked lines. It's system's jetter comprises a tank, a nozzle, a hose, and an appliance that pressurizes water as it shoots through the nozzle. Despite hydro-jetting being effective in scouring heavy build-up in blocked pipes, it may crack old pipes as they cannot withstand high pressure.

Regardless of the blockages in your drains, a plumber will employ the right cleaning technique to clear them. Thus, you should schedule an appointment with a plumber as soon as you notice signs of blockage in your drainage lines.