Wooden Counters For Residential Use

6 September 2022
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Walnut trees are a hardwood species that can be used to create custom countertops within your rustic or contemporary home. If you already have wooden cabinetry installed in your kitchen, bathroom, or den, consider ways that you can use wood countertops to complement each area where you store household goods.

The Design Work

A standard walnut counter may be symmetrical and contain a beautiful glossy stain or paint product. A more unique counter style may contain rounded or beveled edges and have intricate carvings and other distinct markings added to it that are representative of a woodworker's craftsmanship. Acquiring counters can be performed by buying materials that come directly from a factory.

A contractor can install a preassembled counter or can assemble precut wood products. The acquisition process can also be conducted by having cabinets built from scratch. In this type of scenario, a contractor may use a diagram to guide them in building homemade counters. A contractor may also outsource custom counters, by working directly with a woodworker. The design work is a critical part of the counter-selection process.

A long wide cabinet can be used to tie two parts of a room together. For instance, a long wide counter could be used to fill the open space that separates a cooking area from a dining nook. Your contractor will look at the design of your home to see what type of elements are present. They will measure extra space within each room where a new walnut counter could prove to be beneficial. You will have the option of choosing a similar counter design for each room where counter space is being added or can pick one unique wooden counter type for each room that is being upgraded.

The Space Beneath The Counters

Counters will need to be immobilized and will need an adequate support system to hold up the wooden pieces that comprise each counter. Counters can be added to an island stove or can be secured over a dishwasher and other low-lying appliances.

If there is a block of floor cabinets within a room, a wooden counter can be secured over them. If you like the idea of having an open counter design added to a room, a contractor can install a wooden counter that contains sturdy legs. The finished result will resemble a standard counter, but there will be plenty of space underneath the wooden slab that will allow you to store household goods.