Look For These Traits In Traffic Cone Bars

13 October 2022
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you're renting or buying traffic cones to use around your work zone, you may wish to also obtain a number of traffic cone bars. This is a piece of equipment that has a simple design but offers a lot of value. A traffic cone bar connects a pair of traffic cones by attaching them to their tops. With a number of cones and bars, you can easily construct a barrier that you can place around the perimeter of your work zone to keep pedestrians away. There are several different traffic cone bars on the market, so it's important to look for a product that offers these traits.


Some traffic cone bars come in different lengths, but it's ideal to choose a product that is adjustable. Many of these bars are designed to slide in or out to give you the length that you want. This will allow you to set two cones at any distance and then adjust the length of the bar so that it will connect them. Adjustable bars are also handy to transport. When someone needs to carry them from one area of the work zone to another, they can shorten them to make them easier to handle.

Large Loops

There's a loop at each end of a traffic cone bar that is designed to slip over the top of a traffic cone. You'll find that these loops can vary in size to some degree. It's ideal to choose a product that has loops that are on the larger side. If you have various sizes of traffic cones around your work zone, bars that have large loops will properly fit over them all. You wouldn't want to encounter a scenario in which you have a large cone and a bar with a small loop that doesn't fit securely.

Matching Colors

You'll find traffic cone bars in several different color schemes. In almost all cases, the colors will be designed to offer as much visibility as possible. Many of these bars feature fluorescent orange and silver reflective stripes. When you look for traffic cone bars, it's ideal to consider the color of your traffic cones so that you can choose bars that match. You'll be linking these products together, so having a cohesive look will help to give your work zone a professional appearance. Contact a work zone equipment company to learn about traffic cone bars.