Foundation Repair Company: Useful Services They Can Offer Homeowners

7 February 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have an older home, it might have some foundation issues. Some aren't that big a deal and other complications warrant professional intervention immediately. If you have the latter issues, here are some useful services foundation repair companies can offer.

Detailed In-Person Assessments

The first thing a foundation repair company will do when you contact them is perform a detailed in-person assessment. It helps them see exactly what's happening to your foundation, whether it's cracks that have started to form or floors becoming un-level on the inside of your home.

This assessment will show what's wrong and how these problems came to be. From there, foundation repair contractors can dial in their repairs so that the foundation issues are addressed correctly the first time. This is key if you want to feel safe in your home again.

Relevant Repair Methods

After your home's foundation has been thoroughly evaluated by a foundation repair company, they will then begin to plan a relevant repair method. It will be based on the amount of foundation damage there is and where this damage has occurred.

Some of their repair methods include polyurethane foam jacking, steel piers, concrete piers, and mudjacking. You'll get a thorough explanation as to why the repair company chose a specific repair method either way so that you know your home's foundation will be worked on in a methodical manner. 

Post-Repair Monitoring

After your foundation issue is fixed, it's a good idea to continue working with a foundation repair company because they can come back out and monitor the condition of the foundation. They'll keep an eye on their repairs to make sure they accomplish the right goals in a safe manner.

These assessments will be carried out at the right times and they'll be just as thorough as the initial assessment that was conducted on your property when you first hired a foundation repair company.

If there are any signs that show an adjustment is needed, foundation repair contractors can respond quickly before you face any other foundation headaches that cost a lot of money to fix.

You may have problems with your home's foundation, which is to be expected if you have an older property. As long as you hire a foundation repair company before it's too late, your foundation can be examined and repaired by professionals that know what they're doing at each stage. For more info on foundation repair, contact a company near you.