Should You Squeeze A Large Swimming Pool Into Your Yard?

22 February 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


How large should your swimming pool be? This is an age-old question for many homeowners. To many, the answer is "as large as it can be." But this isn't always the case. To help you find the right ratio of pool to yard, here are a few things to know about both large and small yards with pools. 

Should You Squeeze in a Pool?

In general, homeowners should avoid filling too much of their yard with a swimming pool. Why? First, you may run afoul of setback requirements which curtail how close your pool can come to structures, neighboring property, and even utilities or common spaces. You could be forced to shrink it anyway.

However, more importantly, a swimming pool is a very large commitment to just one backyard activity. It will be great fun when in use, but you can't use it anything else when it's not. The larger this one item is, the less space you have to entertain outdoors, play in the yard, let the dogs run, or garden and explore your landscape. The pool feels luxurious going in, but it may limit your choices for years. 

What If Your Yard Is Small?

When you have a large space, limits on how big your swimming pool is don't seem like much of a hindrance. But urban landowners may balk at the idea of keeping their pools smaller. However, you can still have a great pool with careful design. For instance, clever shaping may help you create a pool in which you can do laps while not filling the yard. You may also benefit from a plunge pool or a swim spa which combines both pool and hot tub elements. 

Another option is to reduce the accessory features. A large rock waterfall will take up valuable square footage, as will a walk-in beach entrance. Without them, your pool might fit better. However, you can also make them a bigger part of other outdoor entertainment use and increase their functionality instead. The trick is to be creative. 

Where Should You Start?

Whether your property is large or small, a good proportion of swimming pool and other yard space will improve the entire landscape. Be sure to balance the size of your swimming pool with the size of your yard to maximize the types of backyard activities you can do. To learn more about backyard swimming pool design, contact a pool contractor in your area.