Copper Gutter Installation — Great Planning Advice For Homeowners

27 March 2023
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A lot of homeowners prefer copper gutters because, in addition to working great at moving rainwater away, they have amazing aesthetics. If you plan to set some up on your roof, be sure to take these precautions.

Choose Gutter Hangers That Are Sized Appropriately

Some of the most important components of your copper gutters are the hangars. They're designed to keep your gutters secure along the roofline. You want to make sure these hangers are the correct size in order for them to provide optimal support long-term for your specific copper gutters.

Fortunately, finding the right size is pretty easy. You just need to take measurements of your copper gutters in person. Then you'll know what dimensions will work best for these hangers and can then order accordingly. This will lead to a smooth initial setup and gutters that don't require a bunch of adjustments later on down the road. 

Angle the Downspouts Correctly

Once you get copper gutters set up on your roof successfully, you'll need to attach the downspouts. They're the vertical pieces that will collect rainwater from the horizontal gutter sections. In order for them to work effectively at bringing water away from your property, you need to make sure they're angled properly.

This will require some extensive planning. You need to examine your property carefully and then decide where the best place to divert rainwater will be. Then you need to line downspouts correctly along the side of your home to where the flow of rainwater is optimal. You might even want to test different orientations out until you can verify the appropriate angles and locations have been achieved. 

Apply Sealant Around the Seams

If your copper gutters do have seams because you had to connect sections together, then you'll want to apply sealant around them. What this will do is prevent water from leaking around the seams, ensuring your gutters don't break down prematurely. 

You just need to make sure you get a weatherproof sealant variety and apply it correctly around each seam. You'll be happy you performed this extra step because it will safeguard you from costly home repairs.

If you like the way copper gutters look and want to put them on your home's roof, make sure you comprehend their installation process before doing anything. Look at the materials and tools they involve so that you can have success when you start setting up each section.

Contact a professional to learn more about copper gutter installation.