Concrete Overlays: A Possible Solution For Pitted Garage Floors

19 May 2023
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Old pitted garage floors may be perfectly serviceable, but they can also be quite ugly. A concrete overlay is when new concrete is applied over the old. It provides a relatively quick way to give the floor a facelift.

Damage Inspection 

A concrete overlay will only work well if the old concrete floor doesn't have major damage. Small cracks, pitting, and stains in the old concrete floor aren't a problem. The issues that matter are large cracks, particularly those that are gaping or where the slab is now uneven on either side of the crack.

Poorly settled concrete slabs also aren't a good base for an overlay. The weight of the new layer of concrete, especially when poured over an uneven base, can result in further sinking or cracks. 

Height Concerns

Consider whether there will be enough clearance. A concrete overlay will add several inches onto the height of the floor, which can interfere with the garage door threshold, as well as create leveling issues between the garage floor and driveway or the floor and any access door thresholds. 

These problems can often be addressed by raising the garage door tracks and readjusting the doors appropriately. You may be other to fix other leveling issues by having small ramps poured to ease the transition zones.

Preparation Needs

Installing fresh concrete over old isn't as easy as just pouring it. First, the old floor must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all surface dust and dirt. Pressure washing is an effective and fast method. Any oil or fluid spills must be soaked out with an absorbent cleaner, otherwise, they can interfere with the concrete bonding.

Before pouting, your installer will also paint the entire garage floor with a bonding age. This agent ensures that the freshly applied concrete actually bonds to the old concrete instead of just floating on top of it. This helps prevent damage down the road.

Basic Process

After preparing the floor, your installer will put in a slab perimeter, usually with wood boards, which will create the mold for the fresh concrete. The perimeter will be marked at the dept that is being poured, which will make it easier to keep the concrete level.

Next, concrete reinforcing mesh is placed on top of the old floor. This helps distribute weight over the garage floor so future cracks aren't a problem. Finally, the fresh concrete is poured and leveled. As it cures, your concrete installed may brush it or add aggregate to give the floor some texture and traction.

Contact a concrete contractor in your area for more assistance.