Learn About Different Insulation Products

6 June 2023
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Insulation products play such important roles in construction by helping to improve energy efficiency and offering more interior comfort. The insulation products work by reducing both heat transfer and air leakage. These products will also help improve the acoustics of a structure. This article will discuss some of the common insulation products in the construction industry. 


Fiberglass is a popular insulation product that's made from glass fibers. This is one of the most widely used types of insulation because it's effective, convenient, and affordable. It also comes in different types, such as loose-fill forms, batts, or rolls. Fiberglass also offers good performance and is one of the more fire-resistant insulation products. 

Foam Board

Foam board insulation comes in the form of rigid panels that are made from materials like extruded polystyrene or expanded polystyrene. This type of insulation is preferred by some due to its high thermal resistance and versatility. Foam board can be used to insulate walls, roofs, and even foundations. It is resistant to moisture damage, which makes it great for many applications where moisture could be a concern in the future. In fact, this is one of the things that makes it good insulation for areas like the foundation. 

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation is a type of insulation that's one of the easiest to install. It gets sprayed in a liquid form where insulation is desired, then expands to create a hard insulation material. This insulation is commonly used to insulate walls, roofs, and the spaces around doors and windows. It also offers high thermal resistance and is another affordable option. 

Mineral Wool

Mineral wool insulation is made from industrial by-products. It comes in different types that include loose-fill, batts, and rolls. This insulation is also fire-resistant, and it also has great sound absorption properties. 

Reflective Insulation

Reflective insulation is made using a reflective material, such as aluminum foil. The reflective properties can help reflect the radiant heat. This is a common type of insulation used in attics, roofs, and even crawl spaces. Reflective insulation works best when used in combination with other types of insulation. 


Since there are so many types of insulation, you should be able to find one with the characteristics you want and that fits within your budget. When you have adequate insulation in your home, it can help keep the home comfortable, save you money, and even create a quieter living space for your family. 

For more information about insulation products, contact a local company.