Suggestions For Bathroom Remodeling When You Don't Have A Big Budget

23 June 2023
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If your bathroom looks like it's from the 70s, it's probably time to remodel it so it has a modern look and is more appealing. The first step is to establish a budget. Bathroom remodeling can be expensive, so if your budget is limited, you'll need to prioritize the changes you want to make and compromise elsewhere.

Also, you'll want to talk to a bathroom remodeling contractor to get advice on changes that are realistic with your budget. You'll probably spend a lot of time planning your renovation project so you can finalize all the details before work begins. Here are some suggestions for bathroom remodeling on a budget.

Keep The Plumbing Where It Is

Unless your plumbing is old and needs to be replaced, you can cut costs by leaving the water pipes and drains where they are. This means you'll need to keep the same floor plan when it comes to the placement of a new toilet, sink, and tub.

By keeping the same plumbing lines, you can put a new toilet in the same place as the old one and hook up to a water line and the drain that's already there. This controls plumbing costs on your bathroom remodeling project.

Replace Features That Look Dated

If your bathroom is in good shape, you may not need to replace everything. You might save your old toilet unless it's so old that it just has to go. Vanities tend to look dated when they get older since styles for vanities change over the years, so you may want to save room in your budget for a new vanity, sink bowl, or faucet set.

Shower tiles can also look outdated. If you have ceramic shower tiles that are pink or blue, they might make your bathroom look old. Replacing the tiles could be one of the projects that have high priority. You may want large porcelain tiles that look like marble. These tiles could also look good as flooring.

If your tub is pink, green, or some color besides white, you may want to replace it. However, if your tub is a color you like and hasn't lost its glaze, you might keep it and get a new faucet and shower set that gives it an upscale appearance and that complements the new tile.

Include Storage Space In Your Design

When you talk to your bathroom remodeling contractor about changes you want to make, don't forget about storage. If you switch from a large vanity to a pedestal sink, you'll have more room in the bathroom but you'll lose valuable storage space. Storage space is essential so your bathroom doesn't look cluttered, so you may need a vanity that has a lot of drawers and a cabinet.

If your bathroom is small, you may need to get creative with storage options. Your bathroom remodeling contractor should have ideas from experience they can offer that will keep extra towels and grooming supplies out of sight. Shelves or baskets might be an option so you can avoid the expense of having cabinets or a closet installed.